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Monday, April 27, 2015

Oh Baby, what a month!

We we are approaching the final week for Unstampabelles current challenge - the theme  seems to have put people off a bit! We have very few entries to date. Pity 'cause this is the....

Random Prize:
TomBow glue just to indicate size.

Our Challenge?

To make a baby themed project, or use the expression "OH BABY" how you wish!  
The twist is to make a non-traditional styled project for a baby

Non-traditional can be just not using the traditional colours, or something less than the usual.

My take this week?
An unusual fold for a card - called a book fold - and non-trad colours

My colours are brown and blue

with a splash of red!

My images came from a 12 x 12 sheet of vintage baby images/poems  (name unknown) that I cut up

This is the front

An image fussy cut

The book fold inside

A close up of the folds

The base card is SU card.

Hope you like it and perhaps it may inspire you to enter the challenge at 

A few days to go!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lest We Forget!

ANZAC  DAY, 2015

Dad - James Alfred Laugher: 2/3rd Machine Gun's Battalion - WWII; fought in Syria campaign, captured in Jarva on way back to Australia; Japanese POW on Burma Railway for duration
Uncle - William Laugher: Medical Corps, Europe WWII
Great Uncle's:
James Laugher - Infantry: killed at Lone Pine, Gallipoli WWI 1915
William Laugher - Medical Corp: killed in France, after Armistice in an accident (run over by bolting horses pulling an ambulance) 1918


Monday, April 20, 2015

A (Torn) Look into the Past......

Hello Peeps - this was our sunset last night

Good huh! Wind every which way - just thought I would share.

Today over at Unstampabelles, we are entering our third week of a non-traditional baby project so I tried to think outside the proverbial, and came up with this card!

My sentiment is computer generated and my own idea - yes, my mind is quite cracked!

 A die cut carriage and embossed background

An image cut from a 12 x 12 sheet of baby images

 = a quirky card.

Why not go over to Unstampabelles, and see what else the DT have created, and then start planning your own project. Only four entries as I write this and a fabulous prize

Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh Baby, I can hardly wait!

There are two new babies due in my family this year (at least) and it is an exciting time for all concerned. The latest two will make me a GREAT Aunt AGAIN! Not so sure I appreciate that!!

Over at Unstampabelles, there is  Challenge #46 running for April

This month our theme is 

You can create a baby project of some kind or use the phrase to suit!
Easter babies, animal babies, human babies........

The TWIST is to make your project fairly non-traditional for babies...

The Prize - new/unused
(the Tombow glue bottle is just to indicate size!)

 As the two latest additions will be entering life as siblings, and their siblings are still quite young, I decided to create something suitable for a tired mother! I found a metal pencil box and painted it with three coats of white Gesso. I added the image below (found on internet and printed off onto white Reflex paper) and the word, and wrote on the box top, and then painted it again with clear Gesso (twice). The ink still ran despite me leaving 24 hours between glueing on the image and covering it with clear Gesso. So, I had to go grunge to cover that fact up! Between layers of clear I stencilled in some other images - same problem.......gggggrrrrrrrr

internet image

Die cut baby and handwritten title

Inside the box had a bit more stencilling and bad painting, and some stuff added to the kit - the scroll tied up with ribbon reads as follows:
It is made up from several different ones found on Pinterest and from my own sense of humour!

Yes, dreadful I know. 

Anyway, that is my contribution this week to the Unstampabelles Challenge #46
Oh Baby!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter and Welcome to April!

Hope you got lot's of chocolate!

I am actually allergic to chocolate - the brown variety. I can eat the white one sometimes. This morning I gave my husband his Easter chocolate and waited for mine - no show! I eventually reminded him of his duties - his reply, "It's bad for you!" Any replacement? Nope! Needless to say I was less than impressed! Some hours later he went to the supermarket and came home with a cheap packet of marshmellow eggs! I am still not impressed. He has lost soooooo many domestic points as a result!

This post is for the new Challenge#46 at Unstampabelles

This month our theme is 

You can create a baby project of some kind or use the phrase to suit!
Easter babies, animal babies, human babies........

The TWIST is to make your project fairly non-traditional for babies...

This is the prize - the die; the Tombow is to show the size

I decided to make a label or a sign for the baby's room.  I am expecting several new little people in our family soon, and I was wondering what the name's might be.....I always liked Sam for either a male or female - Samuel or Samantha - so I used it for the name but it is not for any particular person.

Die cut shapes and HAND WRITTEN little verse

 If you go over to Unstampabelles you will see the other projects from the team - wonderful stuff. Why not have a go yourself and enter the challenge? Great prize!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Showers

The current April challenge at Eclectic Ellapu is April Showers, which set me singing, but I couldn't remember the words so had to google them! Faint memories of singing this in the car on long trips with Mum and Dad...........

APRIL SHOWERS From the Broadway musical "Bombo" (1921)  sung by Al Jolson

 Life is not a highway strewn with flowers 
Still it holds a goodly share of bliss 
When the sun gives way to April showers 
Here is the point you should never miss 
Though April showers may come your way 
They bring the flowers that bloom in May 
So if it's raining, have no regrets 
Because it isn't raining rain, you know (It's raining violets) 
And where you see clouds upon the hills 
You soon will see crowds of daffodils 
So keep on looking for a blue bird 
And list'ning for his song 
Whenever April showers come along 
And where you see clouds upon the hills 
You soon will see crowds of daffodils 
So keep on looking for a blue bird 
And list'ning for his song 
Whenever April showers come along

In Tassie, it's Autumn!

so, my card for the challenge is in Autumnal colours!

I used two sheets from the new Stampin'Up patterned vellum, one is just dashes and the other was of leaves (vines) down a page. I took the later and on the reverse side I colored the leaves with my Copics in Autumn colours. I then went to the former one and cut away where the umbrella was going to be (on the dash sheet only), and  also created two white clouds: I had an idea that if I glued them together then the dashes would come through like rain and that the clouds would show through as well - they do, but not very well! Bummer! So I took to the top sheet with a fine black pen and redid the dashes to create rain.  

I attached this to a white card base, and then took my orange Copic and created a border.  My image and sentiment are from Annabelle Stamps and the umbrella is a MFT die. If I had followed directions properly my umbrella spines would show more clearly! Obviously the image is colored with Copics as well, and the sentiment.

I was trying to create the idea that she is in the bush in the rain and being protected by the umbrella

I personally quite like autumn and winter - but then again, I like spring and summer too!

You have a month to enter the challenge for the Purple Team at 

Eclectic Ellapu - April Showers

Saturday, March 28, 2015

OK, I succumbed

Yes, I made some Easter stuff. 

I had made some earlier and sent it to Canberra for Grandchildren without photographing it - they really didn't deserve (talking about the cards not the children!) it as they had to be flattish and lightweight and I knew they would last long anyway - but then I got fidgetty and so made some (different) others, and promptly sold them! So I remade two (they take about 15 minutes to make now I know what I am doing) and thought perhaps I should take a photo!

I  used all Stampin' Up card and started by making a 4 x 4cm box

They are meant to be rabbits but they look a bit like mice!

Sixxix Easter egg dies and circle punches and SU punches and dies

It's a tail!

 Eyes and whiskers drawn in but you could use goggle eyes - they just looked a bit creepy

Holds about a dozen or two handfull's of cheap solid chocolate eggs from the supermarket - $10 for a big bag for Easter Egg Hunts (or if you are a teacher, to put into the lolly jar for the kids and other staff members!) they also can hold small Lindt rabbits or similar or several larger eggs or similar.

I put them in cellophane bags for sale and then realised you are not supposed to sell them with chocolate in them!

I had already sold three
The third one was  a chicken!
I priced them at $6 each - too cheap??