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Monday, September 18, 2017

Another Christmas card.....

Hi Everyone! Another week has flown bye - we have had a fleeting visit from our son (always nice) and the elder Granddaughters to dinner plus their partner's. The two lad's played football (Australian Rules) finals this weekend - one went on to the Grand Final after a very close game, and one lost a Grand Final after a very close game. I was watching both matches at the same time on my computer and later TV through son's tablet being streamed- my goodness, my old heart cannot take such excitement!  I found myself moving my shoulders and body with every mark and kick as well, and am a bit stiff today as a result!!!! In addition, I was messaging both granddaughters (who were at the respective games) and when one of the lads did something spectacular (or not) there was a flurry of texting going on! It was fun but tiring.

All over for one but another game to get through next week now. Once that was over, I watched on FB a video of the youngest Granddaughter (13) in ACT, playing a piano piece for her Spring Concert. Grandson (11) lost his Under 15 Hockey final yesterday morning but is playing his Under 13 Game this morning - no news on that one yet! It's all go for us this weekend! What would we do with social media, eh?

In addition both older girls went to their Soccer Team's Best and Fairest Celebration last night (they play in the same team), and the elder girl won the B & F, with her younger sister one point behind, while the younger one kicked the most goals for the season! Two more trophies to be displayed!

Talking of display's here is one that happened at the North West end of the island last week:

WOW… what an ‘out of this world’ photo from The Nut at Stanley thanks to Leanne Marshall who says:

It was great to see her again (this refers to the Aurora, known as The Lady). I was just down from Highfield House - at the lookout on the road down to Godfrey's Beach.

I love the milky way - the stars on the top right - I see them every clear night out my kitchen window...and love them. So full of mystery and colour and light. 

Here is my inspiration for this week for Unstampabelles:
there is sparkle and light here too.....

The tree's are cut from a piece of packaging, and I pulled the top face off to show the crimping......

That lovely SU card with the stars - I really thought about adding ink to colour the sky behind but decided to keep it neutral. It is mounted on gold card. 

Playing with effects allowed me to add the snowflakes to the photo's!

You can go to Unstampabelles and see what else the DT have created

Then have a go yourself - just remember - no stamps please. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sometimes, things only have a job to nourish the soul......

.......and this time was one of them!

I was playing - and I was on Pinterest: a dangerous situation........
I saw a small basket made with a toilet roll - and had to have a go myself

It was going to be tiny 'cause toilet rolls are small

When I cut it open I saw this message inside - made me laugh!
Bet you didn't know that was inside your toilet rolls.
Notice that there are three cut strips either side?

It really is quite small - I used glue dots to hold each arm in place.
Now, what will I do with it?

I decided to try and cover it with some Pixie Dust (newly purchased) and not yet put away.....

The paper under the basket  is one I used to wipe up the residue - that will be used later, too juicy a piece to throw away......once I had covered it as best I could. This was done by simply puffing powder onto the little basket and then spraying it with a water mister until I was happy with the coverage. It nearly fell to bits until it dried so had to be handled carefully - hence no photo's of that stage. I added some ribbon as a handle....and then stuffed it with some flowers and pretty jewelled sticks.

There are three sticks, three pink roses and three blue flowers - and it is just pretty!
I did think I would dismantle it and reuse the flowers one day ..... but not for quite a time as I smile every time I see it now. 

So, for Unstampabelles and the current challenge 

#72: Sets of Three
TWIST use cardboard

Here is this weeks taking.....

You can enter HERE
In the meantime, Tassie has been hit by a cold front and many parts by a big dump of snow so there are some beautiful photographs emerging on social media. This was one of them.......

Waratah Falls... a stunning capture of Tassie at it's finest in spring thanks to Anne Sweeney.

Right in the heart of the township of Waratah, on the edge of the Tarkine wilderness in north-west Tassie, is Waratah Falls. An amazing large waterfall that drops down into a gully below. The Waratah river forms a lake in the middle of town, before plunging over the top edge of the plateau as a substantial waterfall … right next to the main road. What other town can claim a waterfall in the town centre?

You can also follow Anne via instagram:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Special Occasions........

Hilde at Crafting with Dragonflies wants a card for a Special Occasion 
- what better occasion than a birthday!!!

So, I made a birthday card for a special who shares a lot of my interests! Except I photographed it late in the day and the sparkle from the Wink of Stella pens does not show as well as it does under artificial light.

Of course, if you tried to dress like that right at this time of the year here, your drink would be iced without any problem and you would not need to worry about sunburn, while you slowly died of hypothermia!

This was taken on Friday morning - spring as we know it currently!!

So, on to my card for Hilde.....

I purchased this stamp at Paperific because it really touched my funny bone.......
I coloured it with my Copics....

I hope you appreciate my sense of humour - I know it is a bit warped!
The sentiment is from Stampin' Up

You can go to 

and check out the rest of the DT's cards 
and you have a fortnight to enter over there!

Monday, September 4, 2017

#72 Challenges at Unstampabelles to date.....

....and this one is all about using the rule of three in design or at least a set of three somewhere. I used both! The TWIST for September was to use cardboard. The trouble is that in some places chipboard can be cardboard in some places - and in others it can be wood! Just check that you are working with cardboard - used for packaging and crafting - and youshould be OK.

Mine came from Scrapmatts - and I also piggybacked on the design of the bauble by Josie (at Scrapmatts) to create a Christmas card using some chip/cardboard from my newly aquired stash of Scrapmatts stuff!

Ihave three sets of papers from a Kaiser kit; three bits of bling too!

My cardboard is this lovely die cut piece from Scrapmatts - the sentiment is also from them, as is the gold branch. It colours up beautifully as long as your red Wink of Stella doesn't run!

This is the prize!

A photo to finish of the aurora on the 1st September:

An incredible Lady Aurora in southern Tassie last night thanks to Chasing Light - Photography by James Stone who says:

Wow! What an incredible aurora display tonight, bright enough to overcome the moonlight and very active - all visible to the naked eye.

Friday, September 1, 2017

September is Upon Us ... Already!

At Eclectic Ellapu, the September challenge is to create an item that fits the theme of 

''Floral and Fauna and/or Nature''

I cheated a bit as I have been away for the last two weeks and frantically busy since I got back two days ago - so I  am using a piece that I made in a class at Paperific in Melbourne last week. 

I attended the class at Scrapmatts
The design and the bits were all provided by Sofie Rossides from Scrapmatts

She is an excellent crafter and a great teacher. 

We made a Christmas Bauble01
Sometimes it is just nice to sit back and let someone else tell you how to create and make something - this was my thing!

You can see how big it was with the peg as the comparison.

I will hang it on my tree with pride this year. 

Sofie provided everything, including a sheet of instructions if we wanted to replicate this. 
Yes,I did purchase some bits from the stall - lots of bits really.

Here is my haul from the day!

No automatic alt text available.

I may have spent a lot of money......

You can see some Scrapmatt stuff on the bottom left side and a bit at the top right.....

Anyway - let's see what you have come up with for September's challenge at 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Magical Moments......

Hi Peeps, ever have one of those magical moments? The hair stands up on the back of your neck and the skin gets goosebumps? I have have that a few times: once when I visited Flinder's Island and went to Settlement Point - that is where the small settlement of Emita was created.  Emita is home to the historic Wybalenna Aboriginal Settlement, where the Tasmanian Aboriginal population was forcibly relocated from mainland Tasmania in 1833. We do have a dark history of shame in Tasmania as well as many beautiful places.  I am not aboriginal but I felt their sadness such a beautiful place - almost magical but not quite........

A magical capture from Settlement Point on Flinders Island thanks to Chasing Light - Photography by James Stone 

Again, Flinders Island is an island off the north east coast of Tasmania (an island of the south of Australia - another island!) Can you see a theme emerging this month?

I am not sure if the current challenge at Unstampbelles is creating too many magical moments for people but you can use the challenge to remind you of one, like I did!

Collage, collage, collage...

TWIST venture into multi- media too

Random Number Prize

Collage  is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.
A collage may sometimes include magazine and newspaper clippingsribbonspaint, bits of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper or canvas. 

My base is a sheet of white paper 12 x 12

The subject is my Granddaughter Hettie

The collage is mostly tucked under the photograph - strips of torn paper and some cardboard, as well as die cuts. The multimedia is the Dylusion's paint smeared across the page and stencilled onto it. 

The place was Germany in winter

The reason was a Tattoo for the New Zealand Army Band, of which Hettie was a member and one of the main singer's for this particular act. She was just 19 yrs old.

She loves the stage!

The magical moment for me was seeing her on YouTube and watching her own that stadium in front of a huge audience and hearing her sing - hair raising stuff! 

So I created a scrap page for the moment - to freeze it in time!

What can you make to fit this theme?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Leo's!

Although I never know when these star signs end and perhaps we have moved on! Anyway Happy Birthday to all who have a birthday in August!

Hilde has one - and she has challenged us to produce a card with a cake on it 
for Challenge #88 at Crafting with Dragonflies!

I cheated a little as my cake is a facsimile of a cake!
Almost a skeleton of one.....
...but there is s surprise inside.........

SU embossing folder and die cut 

See! There is still a piece of cake left!

That is spring sunshine getting into the picture - to highlight the washi tape behind the cutouts!
The stamp set is also one of SU's as is the die again - both the front and inside die come in the same set and the embossing folder and stamp set compliment them. 

Here is Hilde leading us Dragonflies a merry dance........

I got it from Google Images - Happy Birthday (again) Hilde!!
(Birthday's always last at least a month don't they? Or is that just for those born in August?)

Why not go over to Crafting with Dragonflies and see what else is going on......